Every year Tango Alegre | De Koffiefabriek organizes tango holidays for dancers. 
This year, we propose 2 weeks: WEEK 1  22-29/JUL Tango+holiday | WEEK 2  29/JUL-5/AUG Tango-Tango week

In both weeks we have at least 2 (tango) workshops each day. The first week we focus on exploring and a more expressive tango, the second week we focus more on moving and playfulness.
In Week 1 singers and musicians also have the opportunity to subscribe to a parallel program.

Artists and teachers

Zang Tango vakantie France

Astrid Maria Cerpentier & Bennie Bartels are teaching the tango dance and expression classes in their own unique, contemporary, "it's about more than tango"-style. With tango steps as the excuse, they dive into a whole new (daily) movement world. (see also their Neo/Projects)

Anne-Laure Dollié (click to hear her) is leading the voice classes, playing music with tango pianist en arrangeur Robin El-Hage (click his website). All (tango-)instruments are welcome!

Our venue: château Chalivoy-la-Noix

Our summer residence is the château de Chalivoy-la-Noix (near Ourouer-les-Bourdelins, FR), where we shall dance (under the trees) on an atmospheric lighted dance floor.

2 x a day Astrid Maria Cerpentier & Bennie Bartels are teaching tango workshops.  In the evening we have tango nights, with tdj Wouter ‘Mi Cielo’. Delicious lunches & dinners are prepared for you by our special équipe de cuisine!

 11 bedrooms, mostly with sanitair ensuite. A surrounding park of 3 ha, a lot of nature around, also to camp out with facilities in the castle. WiFi on the ground floor.

A grand salon with stunning wooden floor and chandeleers - almost like De Koffiefabriek itself :-)

Tango vakantie Frankrijk
Tango vakantie Frankrijk

Practical information

Zang Tango vakantie France

ITo subscribe


Week 1: Saturday 22nd till 29th of July 2023

Week 2: Saturday 29th of July till 5th of August


all-in for 700 € | camp out discount: 50 €
young people: -20%


Château de Chalivoy-la-Noix

18350 Ourouer-les-Bourdelins (FRANCE)

Send a mail to vakanties@tangoalegre.be with your question, inquiries or to subscribe.
You will receive an application form to fill in, next to more practical information.

Tango + Holiday: 22 till 29/JUL 2023

We offer you ...

2 tango workshops per day each. Extra focus on EXPRESSION and MUSICALITY. Feldenkrais sessions in the morning (as an option). Women Only | Private classes | Music or Voice. Classes in small groups, we'd like to uncover your own tango with you.
Singing / music classes are organized as a parallel program. Those who'd like can make a combination.

Every night we dance under the many, many stars...

Tango vakantie Frankrijk

Tango-Tango week: 29/JUL till 5/AUG 2023

How we see it ...

It is about quality, fun, late nights and early mornings. Good food and beautiful places. Music and ‘more than tango’. It has the deep learning coming from EXPLORATION, playfulness and a search to express through our physical beings. All of that in this wonderful château in FRANCE.

With a focus on playfulness & movement - finding that deeper connection for a more contemporary tango..

Tango vakantie Frankrijk