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Tango voor
woe 24 april

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the Neotango project
zat 11 mei
zat 18 mei
zon 19 mei

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13-20 juli

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Tango & Feldenkrais
in kasteel in
3-10 augustus

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More Advanced
do 9 mei
do 16 juni

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les 2-wekelijks
op zondag
(ook losse les)
e.k. zon 12 mei

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Friday's Tango
2nd & 4th

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Weekend Special Tango

On a regular basis Tango Alegre organises next to weekly classes also 'tango specials': workshops Women Only / Men Only, intensive weekends in Belgium or abroad, an afternoon Feldenkrais for tango, Workshop specials, enz.

the Neotango project: 3rd edition. Because we care, and because we like to see you enjoy even more that beautiful (tango) music.
This edition: on the circularity of moves.. and some spiraling too! Workshops on Sat-Sun 13-14th of April.

the Neotango project


The "NEW TANGO" works with principles such as circularity, moving around each other, a dance that grasps the space, dynamics, with a lively embrace, connecting and particular, with elasticity too. All of the above give the steps more depth, color and significance, and within the focused form of tango, a freedom within the embrace and the roles, in that way finding a new vocabulary that fits our contemporary world.

Circular versus linear moves. Not so much frontal, but dancing around and through each other, whilst following the roundness of the embrace. The spiral turns into the ground, at the same time creating length upwards, and as such giving a well-deserved alegre to the tango.


We will work with 2 different circular moves: one born from rythm and steps, staccato and playful, the other from ocho, sacada, wrap, boleo and barrida. Once you've got it, this circularity gives feeling and direction to the dance, and it brings every - even simple - tango move so much more alive, within a circle of connection.

Feldenkrais for tango

These workshops are a worthwhile basis, not only for tango, but also for every form of movement and dance!

Subject of the Feldenkrais workshop:
For a neotango from within.

Together, Astrid Maria Cerpentier & Bennie Bartels guarantee 'Playful, intense en with lots of expression'. It's just their style. If you would like to know more about their workshops and weekends: subscribe to the News letter on the agenda page.


Friday 12th March
21:00 - 02:00 Friday's Tango AfterWork
For a good time & a good tango, with Astrid's Music Selection

Saturday 13th March
13:00 - 17:00 Weekend Special Feldenkrais: Spirals & Circles
by Bennie Bartels
19:30 - 21:00 WS Let's focus on Neotango (WS1)
Teaching: Astrid Maria Cerpentier & Bennie Bartels
21:00 - 02:00 Saturday's Tango Night Out
with Bennie as your DJ & live music by Tango de Côté:
Gerardo Agnese (bandoneon) & Camilo Cordoba (guitar)

Read more on this tango evening

Sunday 14th April
10:00 - 11:00 Feldenkrais for Neotango (F)
by Bennie Bartels
11:30 - 13:00 the Neotango project: on Circularity & Spiraling (WS2)
Teaching: Astrid Maria Cerpentier & Bennie Bartels
14:30 - 16:00 the Neotango project: on Circularity & Spiraling (WS3)
Teaching: Astrid Maria Cerpentier & Bennie Bartels
16:00 - 19:30 Sunday's Daytime Milonga
with Astrid's Music Selection

Venue: de salons van De Nieuwe Koffiefabriek
Minderbroedersrui 49
2000 Antwerpen

Information on the venue and how to get there: click here.

Practical information

Financial contribution
€50 for 3 workshops (WS) - €20 for 1 WS
Combi-tickets with milonga: Saturday €25 - Sunday €20
Feldenkrais sessie (F): € 10 pp. This individual workshop you can take up seperately from the tango workshops.

For whom:
Small to Medium tot More Advanced. Because we always are looking to go deeper into this material. And for those who want to learn about neotango techniques.

Dance workshops are meant for couples: preferably subscribe with a dance partner.

To subscribe is necessary. Therefor, send an e-mail for the Weekend Special Tango to, with your name, telephone number, dance partner, which workshops, ... in it.

Looking forward to meeting you here!