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More Advanced
do 6 juni

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13-20 juli

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Tango & Feldenkrais
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3-10 augustus

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Friday's Tango
2nd & 4th

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Tango Holiday in Slovakia

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13 till 20th of July. A picturesque little town in between the hills of Slovakia, called Kremnica. You are surrounded by wonderful nature and within a 3-hour drive from all the big cities in the neighbouring countries. All ingredients to experience a delicious holiday are present: nature, culture and of course… tango!

Besides the tango classes, you will have plenty of time in between to explore the environment and maybe take an excursion (on your own or with the group). We will also make contact with local initiatives (for example local music).

Astrid Maria Cerpentier and Andrej Zachar give their tango lessons with close attention to movement quality, expression, musicality and dialogue. Would you like to know more about them? Click on who is who to find out more about their vision of tango.



In the afternoon you can book a private class with Astrid or Andrej.

A word of explanation

A tango dialogue without words; this is where both Astrid & Andrej in excel. Silent moments full of suspense interchange with unexpected final endings. They will show that tango is a passionate dance that can also be very playful.

The tango classes will include all different methodologies: movement exercises, game materials, basic tango figures and principles, metaphors and music. “New” steps will be shown, examined and experienced in great colour and depth, with some “programming” as an extra, so you can easily put all you’ve learned into practice.

There will be two tango classes per day, each time with a warming-up and always going back to ‘Movement and Musicality’. Every evening there will be a tango salon for you with a great range of music, which will also be open to visitors and local dancers.

Wednesday will be your free day. We can adapt the timing of the group classes for potential excursions.

A tango week; including all tango lessons, lunch and dinner, material AND your stayint a unit for 3 to 4 people, will be € 530 pp.
Send in your subscription before 15th of May and get an early bird discount of € 50 pp. Discount to camp out, another € 50 pp.

Practical information

From Saturday 13th July until 20th July. If you feel like staying longer in the area, please let us know in your email.

We'd like to take your arrival into account for our group classes. Please let us know when that will be. Tango classes will start on Sunday 14th.

Place to be:
You can find more information about the place, how to get there and some pictures of the area on this page.


For whom:
These lessons are aimed at dancers who would love to combine dancing the tango with a holiday at an adventurous place. Starting from a Small to Medium level, to more and very advanced. (We make classes accordingly.)

Meant for couples: by preference subscribe with a dance partner. If you don't have a dance partner, you can send also send in your subscription and we will try to match you.


To subscribe is necessary of course. We have room for max. 18 dancers. So send an email now to: Preferably before the 15th of May so you can get the discount. We will send you an application form.


Looking forward to seeing you there!

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