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More Advanced
do 6 juni

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13-20 juli

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Tango & Feldenkrais
in kasteel in
3-10 augustus

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Friday's Tango
2nd & 4th

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Tango holiday France

3rd till 10th of August. The quiet beauty and spaciousness of La Douce France, a varied program of Tango & Feldenkrais, a tango week with an attention and mapping out of your body and its communication.

A beautiful castle will serve as our home for the week. It has beautiful spacious rooms, a grand piano, a tower room and a lovely walled garden where you can relax. Montrésor – one of the most beautiful French towns - is only 2,5 km away.

And of course lots of dancing, squared, as used from us. :))

Astrid and Bennie give their tango lessons in this tango holiday with the accent and attention on movement quality, expression, play and dialogue. Focused and playful, disciplined and free, and always expressive.



A word of explanation

You could call our tango “neo”, or better yet: contemporary. Our dance owns the space, dynamics, living embrace, connection and singularity, elasticity in the embrace etc. These principles give content, colour and meaning to simple steps. Besides the more strict form of tango, it also creates freedom within the embrace and the roles, which will lead to a whole new vocabulary that suits our current modern world.

The tango classes will include all different methodologies: movement exercises, game materials, basic tango figures, metaphors and daily movements. “New” steps will be shown, felt and experienced in great colour and depth, with some “programming” as an extra, so you can easily put all you’ve learned into practice.

There will be two tango classes each day, a Feldenkrais/movement class and an extra lesson creativity and expression in which you build with your own material. And every night dancing of course, we will do the DJ-ing.

Wednesday will be your free day.

A tango week including all lessons, meals, snacks, milongas AND also housing in a 2- (or 3-)person room (sanitair ensuite) will be € 640 pp. Who wants to camp out, will receive a € 50 pp discount on this amount. If you book before the 15th of May you get a € 50 discount.

Practical information

Saturday 3rd of August (arrival after 17:00) until Saturday 10th of August (departure before 10:00)

Where do we go to:
The beautiful region of Val de Loire, also referred to as “The French Gardens”), in between Tours and Poitiers, 2,5 km away from Montrésor - one of the most beautiful French towns.

You can find more info about this beautiful place, how to get there and also a few pictures on this page.

For whom:
The lessons are aimed for all those who are looking for some depth and dynamics in the tango and who wants to experience a tango holiday in an adventurous place.
We give classes in 2 groups (levels).

Meant for couples: by preference subscribe with a dance partner. If you don't have a dance partner, you can also subscirbe and we will try to make a match for you.

To subscribe, is of course necessary. We have room for 28 dancers. In order to subscribe, send a mail to:, preferably before the 15th of May (in order to get the discount). We will send you an application form.


Looking forward to seeing you there!

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